Type O Negative

About two hundred people added me to their Google+ circles, whatever that means. I think that i blocked about sixty of them. Most of them had names i didn’t recognize, but there were also a few that i did. If you think that you are my friend and you don’t understand why did i block you, it doesn’t mean that i hate you – it just means that i don’t have a clue how Google+ works. Please feel free to re-add me if you want.

Until further notice, however, don’t expect me to actually use Google+. I don’t get this website. I’m probably too old. Besides, it has crappy support for writing from right to left.

I thank you in advance for not trying to convince me to change my mind about Google+ and for not trying to explain to me how it works. Google+ sucks.


1 Response to “Type O Negative”

  1. 1 יובל פינטר 2011-07-19 at 21:24

    It seems to be the Anti-Twitter: the active choice is to make someone follow you, rather than to follow someone else.

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