Beer, Vegetarianism, Holocaust

Apparently dead fish are used in the production of Murphy’s and Guiness. This really really sucks.

Some vegetarians say that vegetarianism is right, natural or healthy.

It is supposedly right and natural, because our teeth and stomachs are different from those of predators and similar to those of herbivores. Maybe, but technically we are able to eat and digest meat.

It is supposedly healthy, because it lowers the chance of certain illnesses, such as cancer. Since i am not a physician, i cannot assert that it’s true.

I am vegetarian, because i am not able to kill an animal that doesn’t hurt me in any way in order to eat it and because it is possible to live without eating meat. How do i know that it is possible? There are many millions of people around the world who survive without meat, and i don’t think that all of them are lying. This is a very simplistic and non-scientific check, but it makes sense to me. As far as i am concerned, this is more true than the claims of vegetarians, who claim that it is healthy, even though they don’t know anything about medicine.

Hamas accuses UN of plan to teach Gaza kids Holocaust, because it is “a lie invented by the Zionists”.

I don’t know whether Holocaust happened. I don’t know how many people were killed there and how they were killed. I wasn’t born then. There are some scholars that present proofs that it happened, and there are some others that present proofs that it didn’t. I am too busy to study all of it.

What i do know is that during my life in Israel i have met quite a lot of people with numbers tattooed on their arms and i don’t think that they did it in order to participate in any kind of lie.



Google’s PR people Mtmihim me.

Every few days, Google tells the world about the wonderful free translation tools it offers, but the problem is that they completely Mafnim, because they can not translate one sentence correctly between each pair of languages.

Why do they think the public will buy the lie that stupid?

The above was automatically translated from Hebrew. What i actually meant to write was this:

I’m puzzled by Google’s public relations people.

Every couple of days Google tells the world about the wonderful and free translation tools that it offers, but the problem is that they completely suck, as they aren’t able to translate a single sentence correctly between any pair of languages.

Why do they think that the public will buy this stupid lie?

And i’ve got to admit that this particular translation is not that terrible, but i already made the original somewhat synthetic. Any real world translation is completely useless.


The blogger known as Nobody asks: Are you afraid of a one-state world?

I am afraid of one-state world, especially the United Nations kind of it. I prefer zero-state world.

Hadar went to Northern Italy and told me: “They all speak German there. Why do they belong to Italy and not to Germany?”

And why doesn’t Austria belong to Germany? And why doesn’t Alsace belong to Germany? And why doesn’t Transylvania belong to Hungary? And why doesn’t Karmiel belong to Russia?

There shouldn’t be states – there should be only municipalities. Municipalities that share language or culture should organize themselves into non-exclusive cultural associations. And that’s all that’s really needed.