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— “You’re wearing eyeglasses.”

— “Cold.”



The epilogue to “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish” is a fine piece of writing, but not a good example for a way of life.

It’s not OK, but it’s OK now

No! I order the voice who tells me this to shut up.

The Hebrew Blush

Blush and Lure, my current favorite rock-band-that-no-one-knows, have changed their name to Haivrit, which means “The Hebrew” in Hebrew and started singing – guess what – in Hebrew. I’ve seen them twice since that switch and they seem serious about putting their English past behind. Which is curious, because they already had some amount of success abroad. Anyway, the new songs in Hebrew are very good and i would even say more focused than some of the English stuff.

The show last night was already quite packed; they said that they were shocked by the reception and the demand for encore. The secret is quite simple – they write good songs, they play them well and they have character.

I like to encourage those who deserve it.

People Speaking – Dirty

A drunk Russian woman was very nice to me yesterday.

— “Where can I eat something?”

— “It’s Yom-Kippur, no-one eats today.”

— “And who eats you?!! You are bald and your shirt is dirty! I shall cut you to pieces and eat you! You are ugly! I shall annihilate you! You are disgusting! I shall destroy you!”

I went away, she kept shouting. Poor thing, she was probably hungry and couldn’t find any grocer to give her leftovers.

לאן הוא ממהר

לאן הוא ממהר
על מה הוא מדבר
מה יש לו לספר
את מי הוא מסנוור

כל נסיעה כמו אחרונה
יוצא נפסד מהשכונה

הולך כמו בריצה
ושח במליצה
לאן הוא ממהר
על מה הוא מוותר

I am a toolbar

Download me as a toolbar, version 0.1alpha.

It is only a bit less useful than Google Toolbar (no “Up” button …
yet), and it will get better. I’m quite sure that there is no spyware
there. It’s quite harmless and it has “YA MAMA” written in large
friendly letters on it.

Works on IE and Firefox.