I am reading a very bad book.

I am not going to tell which one, because it won’t change much and i will just hurt someone without any purpose.

I think that i am going to finish it, because it’s good to read a bad book every once in a while. To have something with which i can compare all the good books that i’m reading.


Google Translate sucks for many reasons. One of them is that it usually translates the English word “you” as plural, even though it is often singular. So what am i supposed to do when i’m too lazy to write an email in French or Portuguese by myself and ask Google Translate to help me?

Solution: use “thou”, “thee”, “thy” and “thine”! It actually works.


In the library of the Hebrew University a religious Jewish student has a friendly and lively chat with an Arab student, in Arabic. They speak about memorial ceremonies for Israeli soldiers which are to be held tomorrow.

Don’t let anyone fool you: There is peace between Arabs and Jews.

Happy Independence day.


Dear English-speaking friends! Do you use the word “relations” as a synonym of “relationship”, in the sense of “everything that goes between a romantically-involved couple”? Thanks in advance.