There’s a Hebrew saying – “If someone is gossiping with you, he’s gossiping about you, too.” Which is probably correct. That’s why i hate listening to gossip even passively.

But there’s also another thing. Some people like to gossip about other people, and in the same time, either deliberately or compulsively, live their life in such a way that other people can gossip about them.

When i try to think logically, then the idea of gossip is supposed to be this: When you say unpleasant things about other people, you are supposed to imply that you are not like that. But that thinking is too naïve and positive – quite often the opposite is true.


Punctuation With a Smiley

… And Artemy Lebedev again. He finally raised an important question – how to write punctuation marks near the smiley emoticon?

His proposal:

  • A smiley is separated from a word with a space – i agree.
  • If there’s a punctuation mark after the smiley, it is not separated from the smiley by a space – i don’t agree. I think that Are you ghey or what? :-) looks better than Are you ghey or what :-)?
  • A period never comes after a smiley – i totally agree :-)
  • A smiley can be combined with a closing brace (in the case that it was opened somewhere :-) – i agree. (Although i used to write like this in the past :) )

People who don’t think that this question is important shouldn’t be allowed to use email.


OK, i just can’t believe this. I just can’t believe this.

Mr Gaydamak,care of Amir Aharoni,


My name is …

… And he goes on to explain that some sporting bodies in Israel conduct competitions from which representatives of this country are then selected to compete overseas on Shabbat. So his son can’t be accepted to the Israeli all-star team, because he is religious and he doesn’t roll on Shabbos. So he wants Mr. Gaydamak to help him with this thing. And i think that his plea is perfectly fair.

P.S.Yes, i didn’t write for a lot of time because i moved to a new apartment, then went to a lovely trip in Catalonia and then started working at a new company. So i don’t have any time for anything, not even for my crumbling academic career.

P.P.S. To the people from NDS who found this humble blog of mine: Hi. I love you all. Life is good.


Some materials used as decoration
on this product contain lead or
cadmium, chemicals known to the
State of California to cause birth
defects or other reproductive harm.

But i used it anyway.