Pink is my new obsession

Hey, now that’s interesting. Just as i’m writing this stuff, trying various html stuff, a phone-call: Eldad, whom i filed as “Eldad Pink” in my cellphone. He called me from an ad that Hadar posted for me on the ‘net. Pink, because he said he plays Pink Floyd-like music. We arranged an appointment. Wow, blog, my life is completely on the web. Kinda.


Reveal Reveal Reveal Reveal Reveal Reveal

Could it be?

I listened to the whole of R.E.M.’s “Reveal”. It wasn’t easy. I tried a few times before, but didn’t succeed. I haven’t decided yet if it simply sucks, or good but hard to get used to. I should keep in mind that “Automatic FTP” wasn’t so easy for me to get used to either.

I’ll take the raaaaaaaaaaaaain. The really good song here. But Beachball starts off with a pretty disgusting electrobeat. Then it becomes a faux-latin thing, that Yo La Tengo would do so much better. I should try some 80’s R.E.M.

The reason i’m listening to it is that i’m home alone. Alone, that is at home with my parents and not with my sweetheart Hadar, with whom i spend almost all my weekends and holidays. On the rare occasions that it happens i am somewhat glad at first for the opportunity to spend some time alone listening to all those CD’s i buy, and “scratching my balls”, but soon realize how much i miss her. I swear to God (see Gen 2:24) that i’m not getting this touchy-feely because she might read this.