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Line numbers

Aharoni Manual of Style, paragraph 219: If you number lines, don’t number every tenth line, don’t number every fifth line, don’t number every third line. Number all lines.


Made Me Cry – Ending

The ending of Don Quixote.

Chronia Polla!

I received spam in Greek for the first time. I already received a lot of spam in Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, Farsi and Armenian. It’s a shame really – in the ancient times Greek was far more important. Χρόνια Πολλά – Καλές Γιορτές!


I always skip scenes of hunting in novels.

Not just because they are violent, but mostly because they’re boring and pointless.

People Speaking – Therapist

— “So why did you say that your therapist is so great?”

— “‘Cause she helps me make good decisions.”

— “What decisions for example did she help you make?”

— “To leave my job.”

— “To leave your job? Is that it?! But I told you not to take that job in the first place! If you would listen to me you would save yourself the suffering from that terrible boss and the money you paid the therapist!”