Finger itches in the hair

When we are victorious on a world scale I think we shall use gold for the purpose of building public lavatories in the streets of some of the largest cities of the world.

“The Importance of Gold Now and After the Complete Victory of Socialism”, V. I. Lenin, Collected Works, vol. 33, p. 113


More Soviet Animation

Contact—This should be Ian Brown’s favorite animated film. The creators stole the theme from “Godfather” and based on it a short film about contact between an earthman and an alien. Avantgarde and funny.

Hedgehog in the Fog—The title says it all. If you think that it doesn’t say much, you are right. This beautiful short film has a lot of dialogue in Russian and it is translated, but don’t try too hard to understand the plot. Just enjoy the visuals.

There Once Was a Dog—before Russians and Ukrainians hated each other they made lovely colorful movies about each other. The fat wolf breaking through the fence is one of the most unforgettable moments of my childhood.

Film Film Film (part 1), Film Film Film (part 2)—Like “Ograblenie po…”, this is another masterpiece of “film about film”, a love poem to the cinema industry. The director running on the ceiling at 8:20 of part 2 is another unforgettable childhood moment.

Ograblenie po…

OK, good—run and watch this on YouTube before it is removed for copyright reasons!

This is one of the best Soviet animation films. It wonderfully parodies the styles of film in the respective countries. You don’t need to know any Russian to watch it. (There’s very little dialogue in it, and the version on YouTube has translation for all of it! Thank you, whoever you are.) I don’t need to add much more, you can read the rest in Wikipedia.

This film was shown very often on the Soviet TV. After i saw it many times, the censorship was quietly lifted from the final part, which parodies Soviet crime comedies and i remember very well how surprised i was when i saw it for the first time.