These are the years … you-ooh-hoo

A song, inspired by mindless strumming and some titles on the bookshelf at Hadar’s place. The lyrics are supposed to be happy, but the sound is quite depressing and makes me think of it being performed by Anathema. To be finished.

Em9:   024XXX
Em6-9: 034XXX
Am9:   XX2200

Em9            Em6-9
These are the years of surprises
And these are the years that i see
These are the years when i open all the windows
These are the years of machines

Don't bring me back out of balance

Speedo Man

So, there is a price for giving up my principles afterall.

I went to a shopping spree, i had to use my “sport coupons” somehow, bought a lot of shorts, t-shirts and even an elegant buttoned shirt. Some of them were Speedo branded, and apparently i was entitled to receive free Speedo sunglasses.

Fine, i will go with them. They are not very protecting, but they don’t give me a headache and they are free. I give up.

This is the Gloaming

Radiohead’s new “Hail to the Thief (The Gloaming)” is great great great great great. So fucking great. Rock and roll at its best. The best parts of OKC, Kid A and Amnesiac mixed together. Pianos, keyboards, guitars, drums and Tchocky.

I wonder who are all those nice people with Israeli names that Jonny Greenwood thanks — Sharona, Tamir, Daniel, Yardena, Yair, Neta, Yotam, Tomer, Edo. Fans on the mailing list? Personal friends? (I heard a rumour that he has some relatives or friends in Israel.) Whatever. At least it’s nice to know that not all antiglobalist Indymedia fans hate Israel (afterall, even Israeli Indymedia fans hate Israel …)


Sunglasses, the most useless invention ever. Useful only for making brand owners rich and making naïve people feel cool and/or protected.

Last Saturday Hadar talked me into buying a pair. Very cool-looking, Prince-branded, purple-tinted. I paid 340 NIS for them. The morning after i wore them and went out to work. In the few minutes that followed i avoided sunlight just like i did without them; the difference was that it gave me a horrible pain behind the ears, just like every other pair of sunglasses i ever tried (i don’t care if it disappears after a few days, i didn’t pay 340 NIS for pointless pain, even if it’s temporary). We talked about it and Hadar said that i should keep the receipt, put the sunglasses back into their case, and return it to the store. She’s so great.

The worst thing about this affair was giving up my principles, even though all the way i knew i was right. I should have stopped the shopping spree right there when i saw items sold for 59 NIS next to items of the same style and brand for 259 NIS. The clerk’s explanation: “last year”. A simple proof that sunglasses is only a matter of fashion — not eye protection.

The best thing however, and the really important one is that we didn’t fight about it. It’s really amazing how we go on for almost a year and a half essentially without fighting. I love her.