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The Jewish Surya Namaskar

Regular practitioners of Yoga do a Surya Namaskar—sun salutation every day.

Practitioners of Judaism have their own and completely different sun salutation—Birkat Hachammah. It is recited every 28 years and its next occurrence is in two weeks’ time.

So go find yourself a synagogue to attend, now. If you aren’t Jewish, ask a Jewish friend about a gentile-friendly synagogue. I can’t promise that the ceremony will be very interesting if Halakha and Yiddischkeit is not your cup of tea, but hey, will you forgive yourself if miss something that will happen again in 2037?

(A slightly scary thought: In 2037 i’ll be 57.)

I can’t roll

A reminder to myself: If the police will draft people to negotiations unit, not to try for that job.


I just compiled Perl 6, currently known as Rakudo. It actually works.

All lost in the tide

What do you get if you search for Soundgarden’s “Pretty Noose” video? The “Alternate Version” – the one where the band just performs. So the song is awesome, but the interesting original video is not on YouTube.

But what’s interesting is what appears in “Related Videos”. After a bunch of Soundgarden videos you get: Radiohead – Creep; Weezer – Say it Ain’t So; Roxette – Listen to Your Heart.

At this point i am supposed to write a Russian cuss word, but actually i can’t deny that Marie Fredriksson looks a lot like Thom Yorke. I’d love to say that it ain’t so, but it is too.


I met a school friend and found out that she has cancer. It was very sad. And then, instead of killing her, it turned her into a phonograph.

My highschool friend had cancer. First it made her shrink, then it turned her into a phonograph.

My highschool friend had cancer. First it made her shrink, then it turned her into a phonograph.

Then i was offered to host an “Amazing Race“-style reality show. I accepted the offer, ‘cuz the money was good, but quickly found out that all the contestants are totally disgusting people. So i asked to quit. To convince me to stay the producer offered me a free trip to Barcelona. But i refused. So he told me that thanks to me the show enjoys high ratings and promised me to donate half of the advertising revenue to cancer research. So i recalled the sad story of my school friend and agreed.

Shortly after i arrived at Barcelona, a phonecall from an ISP salesperson woke me up.

P.S. I sincerely wish Jade Goody and her family all the best.