The more you drive the less intelligent you get

Since i remember myself, i had trouble falling asleep at the right time. I often spend hours bored in the bed until i actually fall asleep. Only in the last couple of years i finally discovered the cure that millions of people already found before me: reading.

Thank you, God, for giving me this insomnia. Reading books is great.

Lately i am reading even more, since i ride the train all the time. Driving would be much cheaper for me, but i choose paying for the train so i could read books.

I took the quote in the title from the cover of Radiohead’s “I Might Be Wrong” EP. Google suggests that a very similar quote appeared in the movie “Repo Man“; it’s not the first time i hear about it, so i guess i should rent it.


I already mentioned this brilliant song—Arcade Fire’s “No Cars Go”.

And i already mentioned reading rock lyrics aloud.

Try this. Read aloud the lyrics of “No Cars Go”. Important: If you know the melody and the beat, forget them and just read it:

We know a place where no planes go,
We know a place where no ships go,

No cars go.
Where we know.

We know a place no space ships go,
We know a place where no subs go

Where we know.

Go! — Don’t go!

Us kids know
No cars go
Where we know.


It’s totally Dr. Seuss.

Engrish – Docile

There is a flock of happy mermaid once upon a time, they played carefree in the ocean, until one day had a prince be drawn in ocean by the wave, is save by the little mermaid and then docile up coast, they were from now happy of together……

Wish, part 2

Apparently what happened is that Amazon.* brought about more integration between their international sites, so i can login with my account from to It’s stupid, but that’s how it is.

They say that i can’t merge the accounts completely for security reasons. I can think of more security problems from having the two accounts separated, but whatever.