The more you drive the less intelligent you get

Since i remember myself, i had trouble falling asleep at the right time. I often spend hours bored in the bed until i actually fall asleep. Only in the last couple of years i finally discovered the cure that millions of people already found before me: reading.

Thank you, God, for giving me this insomnia. Reading books is great.

Lately i am reading even more, since i ride the train all the time. Driving would be much cheaper for me, but i choose paying for the train so i could read books.

I took the quote in the title from the cover of Radiohead’s “I Might Be Wrong” EP. Google suggests that a very similar quote appeared in the movie “Repo Man“; it’s not the first time i hear about it, so i guess i should rent it.



I already mentioned this brilliant song—Arcade Fire’s “No Cars Go”.

And i already mentioned reading rock lyrics aloud.

Try this. Read aloud the lyrics of “No Cars Go”. Important: If you know the melody and the beat, forget them and just read it:

We know a place where no planes go,
We know a place where no ships go,

No cars go.
Where we know.

We know a place no space ships go,
We know a place where no subs go

Where we know.

Go! — Don’t go!

Us kids know
No cars go
Where we know.


It’s totally Dr. Seuss.

Engrish – Docile

There is a flock of happy mermaid once upon a time, they played carefree in the ocean, until one day had a prince be drawn in ocean by the wave, is save by the little mermaid and then docile up coast, they were from now happy of together……

Wish, part 2

Apparently what happened is that Amazon.* brought about more integration between their international sites, so i can login with my account from to It’s stupid, but that’s how it is.

They say that i can’t merge the accounts completely for security reasons. I can think of more security problems from having the two accounts separated, but whatever.


An open letter to


I’ve been shopping with since about 2002 and now i suddenly see that my order history and wish list are completely gone. My order history is empty and my wish list, which used to have about 20 pages of CD’s and books that i planned to buy now only has 3 CD’s that i added to it today. (Dengue Fever, a superb band i discovered today.)

Can you please restore it? I guess that i can live without the history of spending my hard-earned money, but that wish list was a work of art on which i worked for years and i am shocked to see it disappearing into the limbo without any warning.