Towel Day 2010

I carried a towel around the campus all day. No-one noticed. I wasn’t disappointed and i’m going to observe Towel Day next year, too. You know why?

Went to the toilet? Washed your hands? You can use your towel to dry them!

Eating out? The waiter didn’t bring enough napkins? Use your towel to wipe your hands!

Too obvious? Here’s another one: Writing an SMS and the sun is bothering your screen? Use your towel to hide your phone from the sunlight!


Broken, Ungrateful, Forgiven

I am totally addicted to “Forgiveness Rock Record”, Broken Social Scene’s new album.

I knew that it’s gonna be great when i saw my two year old niece dancing to “Forced to Love”:

I became addicted to it, to all of it, after i heard “Ungrateful Little Father”. It starts out like a good Broken Social Scene song and ends like a good múm song.

Plus, one of their many guitarists – i’m not sure which one – looks like Berry Sakharof.


I find it much easier to understand someone speaking about food, linguistics, politics, history, religion, golf, programming, or even, say, zoology, in a language that i never studied, than to understand a dancing instructor in a language in which i am fluent.