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Everyone who wants to do anything serious about music—that includes mere listening—must read Kafka’s “Josephine the Singer, or the Mouse Folk”.

Independence 5768

Israeli Independence day celebration map - Yediot Akhronot
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Today Yediot Akhronot published a map showing which artists will appear at the Independence day celebrations organized by municipalities around the country.

Let’s take a good look at this map. Gush Katif is simply a part of Israel. Golan is also just a part of Israel. Judea and Samaria are demarcated with a green line—a pretty rare practice in Israeli mainstream newspapers, though it often appears in Haaretz.

Now the craziest part: Afula and Petakh Tikva are way beyond the green line. (So is Jerusalem, but that’s a borderline case.) I just don’t have anything clever to say about it.

But the most lovable thing about this map is that Tel-Aviv doesn’t appear on it at all! (And Nesher is there, even though most Israelis don’t even suspect that a city with this name exists, but that’s a minor thing.)

Welcome to Israel 5768-2008.

Gangsta bank!

The phattest bank in the world: Da Afghanistan Bank!


And another musician quote – Tom Waits, 1985:

‘If I want a sound, I usually feel better if I’ve chased it and killed it, skinned it and cooked it. Most things you can get with a button nowadays. So if I was trying for a certain drum sound, my engineer would say: “Oh, for Christ’s sake, why are we wasting our time? Let’s just hit this little cup with a stick here, sample something (take a drum sound from another record) and make it bigger in the mix, don’t worry about it.” I’d say, “No, I would rather go in the bathroom and hit the door with a piece of two-by-four very hard”.’

YOU magazine (The Mail On Sunday supplement, UK?), by Pete Silverton.

People Speaking – Give

“… so we did what people do when they don’t understand something—we gave it a name.”

(David Gross at a colloquium in the Technion. Thanks to Hadar for the quote.)

Cats on the Wing 2

“If you told the truth, that was all well and good,
And if you told the un-truth, well, that’s still well and good.” (Bob Dylan, Chronicles Volume One)

Nini and Khantouli on the wing