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Roadmap, bla bla bla

Trust me, this blog might become the only place where this “historic” date will be recorded/remembered.


Dokaka — a Japanese human beat box. He does “21 Century Schizoid Man” pretty well. (Free registration to is required; thanks to Tamir G. for this link.)

Have i missed the big Reload?

Watched Matrix: Reloaded (also here). To say the least, it is a worthy sequel. A (very) few scenes are too long, but overall — the plot is interesting, the action is intense, the humor is kept at a reasonable level and there’s a good balance between effects and philosophy. There are a few points in the plot i didn’t completely understand, or maybe wasn’t supposed to understand, but i don’t wanna spoil it to anyone.

In the Rig Veda there isn’t much philosophy. It is, however, a beautiful peace of religious poetry. I sat five hours in the university library today, trying to translate 4 verses (1.42.7-10). The only reasonable dictionary (Grassman’s) translates to German, so i learnt more German than Sanskrit and eventually translated hardly three verses, but it was still very enjoyable.

This is Aharoni, ya mama … Welcome to Aharoni, ya mama

Zombocom is, of course, just a website, and now it is not slashdotted anymore. You are welcome to check it out. It is a good patience exercise.

Comb all of my hair

I love Joy Division. I bought Heart and Soul after watching the wonderful “24 Hour Party People” (also here) and hearing “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, “Transmission” and “No Love Lost” (the last two i downloaded randomly on KaZaA). Now i’m listening to the great 4-CD set. Till now — every song is a winner. I have a lot more listening to do, but those 27 pounds were definitely well spent.


The Lemon: History Of The Internet

Linked from Slashdot. I usually don’t even bother to click on their humor links, but this one is funny.

It mentions Now — i remember this word “zombocom” from somewhere, a movie or a cartoon … i remember some monster or something saying “ZOMBOCOM!!!” with a scary voice. And i can’t even look at this site, as it is probably slashdotted.

Don’t fear the reaper

Another suicide bombing in Jerusalem.

I’m somewhere between not being afraid of these poor murderous idiots and feeling glad for Hadar, who doesn’t have to take a bus to the University.

On a happier note, “dispatched” my order of Joy Division’s “Heart and Soul”. Those funny brits, why do they have to say “dispatched” instead of “shipped”?