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Please could you …

… tell me why did i have the urge to cut down a light post with an axe a few days ago?

I know the answer, do you?

You laugh –
The courts
Take quickly,
Give back slowly.

It’s late, you say,
We both stand up,
An Arab doctor, a Jewish singer,
Hug each other and go.

From the direction of the mountain
All is normal,
The Good October
Is about to begin.

(Amir Lev)

אתה צוחק –
בתי המשפט
לוקחים מהר,
מחזירים לאט.

מאוחר אתה אומר,
שנינו קמים,
רופא ערבי, זמר יהודי,
מתחבקים והולכים.

מכיוון ההר
הכל רגיל,
אוקטובר הטוב
עומד להתחיל.

(עמיר לב)

A Visit to Gaza

Boys and Girls in Gaza


This is a picture from a children’s story at a website called Al-Fateh, which, despite its name, is actually operated by Hamas. OK, let’s see – a boy in short pants is riding a rocket painted with Amiga colors. A happy-looking girl is chasing him; she’s not dressed too modestly and could be Swedish for all i care. There are two boys on the ground holding the PA flag, one of them wears religious clothes. In the background there’s a bustling city and the title of the story is “A Visit to Gaza”. And by a total coincidence there’s also a crescent in the sky.

Brotherhood of boys and girls, and religious and secular (and maybe also Christian) Arabs. The picture of a city doesn’t look quite like the usual pictures of Gaza.

I am not making any claims – these are just thoughts.

Made Me Cry – Russian Hero

A Russian man died in Utah, trying to save the life of a girl falling from a cliff: in English, по-Русски.

“Yea, they were men of truth and soberness, for they had been taught to keep the commandments of God and to walk uprightly before him.”

May God have mercy on his soul and reward his selfless courage.

People Speaking – Mmm …

— “Did I lock?”

— “Yes.”

— “Really?”

— “Mmm … No.”

People Speaking – Pick

— “Why are you turning right? You should go on straight ahead.”

— “Oh, i though that the gas station is to the right. But hey, there are girls to the right.”

— “Oh yeah! Hot teen age hitchhikers! It’s great that they are hitchhiking in the middle of the night – we can pick them up, rape them and through them away in a ditch by the road. Why not?”

People Speaking – Box

— “There is a difference between me and you.”

— “What is it?”

— “I would have never done that.”

— “What?”

— “You touched the rag. Then you touched the food and put it in the fridge.”

— “I didn’t touch the food. I only touched the box it was in.”

— “You touched the food.”

— “Do you still love me?”

— “It’s hard, it’s hard … I’m thinking about all the times you did it and I didn’t know …”


Some time ago i used to follow a blog by a Belarusian guy who called himself rydel23. I mentioned him here a few times too. Then his blog wasn’t updated for a long time. Then it went offline. And then i removed him from my RSS. I still left the link to him, but struck it out. I considered the possibility that this rather well-known dissident was vaporized by Lukashenko’s KGB or maybe died.

So out of boredom i took a look at it today. Unfortunately my second hypothesis was closer to the truth – he was hit by a fire truck and is slowly recovering from coma. I can only hope that he’ll do better than Ariel Sharon did until now.