Please could you …

… tell me why did i have the urge to cut down a light post with an axe a few days ago?

I know the answer, do you?

You laugh –
The courts
Take quickly,
Give back slowly.

It’s late, you say,
We both stand up,
An Arab doctor, a Jewish singer,
Hug each other and go.

From the direction of the mountain
All is normal,
The Good October
Is about to begin.

(Amir Lev)

אתה צוחק –
בתי המשפט
לוקחים מהר,
מחזירים לאט.

מאוחר אתה אומר,
שנינו קמים,
רופא ערבי, זמר יהודי,
מתחבקים והולכים.

מכיוון ההר
הכל רגיל,
אוקטובר הטוב
עומד להתחיל.

(עמיר לב)


A Visit to Gaza

Boys and Girls in Gaza


This is a picture from a children’s story at a website called Al-Fateh, which, despite its name, is actually operated by Hamas. OK, let’s see – a boy in short pants is riding a rocket painted with Amiga colors. A happy-looking girl is chasing him; she’s not dressed too modestly and could be Swedish for all i care. There are two boys on the ground holding the PA flag, one of them wears religious clothes. In the background there’s a bustling city and the title of the story is “A Visit to Gaza”. And by a total coincidence there’s also a crescent in the sky.

Brotherhood of boys and girls, and religious and secular (and maybe also Christian) Arabs. The picture of a city doesn’t look quite like the usual pictures of Gaza.

I am not making any claims – these are just thoughts.

People Speaking – Pick

— “Why are you turning right? You should go on straight ahead.”

— “Oh, i though that the gas station is to the right. But hey, there are girls to the right.”

— “Oh yeah! Hot teen age hitchhikers! It’s great that they are hitchhiking in the middle of the night – we can pick them up, rape them and through them away in a ditch by the road. Why not?”

People Speaking – Box

— “There is a difference between me and you.”

— “What is it?”

— “I would have never done that.”

— “What?”

— “You touched the rag. Then you touched the food and put it in the fridge.”

— “I didn’t touch the food. I only touched the box it was in.”

— “You touched the food.”

— “Do you still love me?”

— “It’s hard, it’s hard … I’m thinking about all the times you did it and I didn’t know …”


Some time ago i used to follow a blog by a Belarusian guy who called himself rydel23. I mentioned him here a few times too. Then his blog wasn’t updated for a long time. Then it went offline. And then i removed him from my RSS. I still left the link to him, but struck it out. I considered the possibility that this rather well-known dissident was vaporized by Lukashenko’s KGB or maybe died.

So out of boredom i took a look at it today. Unfortunately my second hypothesis was closer to the truth – he was hit by a fire truck and is slowly recovering from coma. I can only hope that he’ll do better than Ariel Sharon did until now.

People Speaking – Not Me

— “Why aren’t you speaking? What do you think of this food?”

— “I am immobile. I can’t do anything, I can’t speak and I can’t move, because it’s too hot. It’s too hot, because the air conditioning isn’t working. Actually I dreamt a few days ago – such things actually happen sometimes! – I dreamt that I was tasting this food and it was too hot and the air conditioning didn’t work and I couldn’t move. In sleep I really can’t move, so I guess that it makes sense.”

I couldn’t believe that it wasn’t me saying it.