The second best way to enhance your English vocabulary is to read a thesaurus.

The best way is to read music reviews. Here’s what Robert Christgau has to say about Yo La Tengo’s Electr-O-Pura:

Brimful of punk, fuzz, feedback, noise, and the lovingly amped squelches of fingers sliding off strings, their seventh album is a subcultural tour de force, luxuriating so sybaritically in guitar sound that I’m reluctant to mention that the tunes are pretty good. That’s why it’s the best record they’ve ever made, though.

I thought that “sybaritically” is a typo.



It’s rather weird that i’ll complain about Windows Update, since i’m kinda anti-Windows in the first place, but why do Microsoft put a fugly JPG at the top of the Windows Update page? Haven’t they heard of PNG?

Welcome to Microsoft Update - notice the fugly pixels around the letters
Welcome to Microsoft Update - notice the fugly pixels around the letters

Unsubscribing From EFF

EFF is an organization for freedom and privacy on the internet. I am on EFF’s mailing list. I am too busy to follow the emails, however, and they seem too USA-centric for me anyway, so i wanted to cancel them.

But what do you know, the unsubscribe link in the bottom of the email is invalid.

On the website i only found a place to subscribe to the mailing list, not to unsubscribe. And they ask for a ZIP code! It’s a privacy organization, i remind you.

Oh, and the Privacy Policy link on the website is 404.

I don’t like filters that delete unwanted emails. I like clean unsubscribing. And of all the organizations, the EFF proves to be the hardest to unsubscribe from.