Reality – Oh Your God

Tourist sign at Banias
Tourist sign at Banias

This is a sign for tourists that explains about the Banias archaeological site in the Golan Heights. Take a closer look here:

GOD corrected to gOD
GOD corrected to gOD

Notice that someone vandalized this sign and corrected “GOD PAN” to “gOD PAN”. My guess is that it was a person who found it offensive that a Greek god is called a “God” with a capital letter and he wanted to tell that it’s just a meaningless pagan lesser god. The text is in all-caps, so capital and small letters are not supposed to be different, but they did matter to that vandal in some way.

By a coincidence—or maybe not?—this is similar to the name of the band dEUS, whose recently released new album “Vantage Point” is surprisingly good.


Rock musician Moore dies

If i would see such a headline, i would immediately read it, ‘cuz i would have thought about Thurston.

Now if i see on BBC the headline “Dave Matthews Band founder dies”, what am i supposed to think? Who would be the founder of, eh, Dave Matthews Band? Dave Matthews, maybe?

Well, no—it’s LeRoi Moore, a founding member of the Dave Matthews Band.

Such headlines are very common on Russian news websites. They would say something like “Shocking: Super-Model Larisa Kuznetsova is no more!!!” to make people click the link expecting to read a yellowish report about the death of a super-model, but the article would actually tell that she decided to pursue a career in accounting. Or: “Alla Pugacheva burned alive!!!”. And indeed, some woman whose name is Alla Pugacheva, but not the famous singer, was burned alive in a fire in her house. (Sadly, that’s a true story.)

Well of course, when the band saxophonist dies and not the singer, it’s still a tragedy for his family, but such headlines do mislead (human) news readers. This is not cynicism, this is media commentary. Russian news websites are crap; but the BBC followed them.