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Made Me Cry – Neda

Whatever it means, Neda made me cry, too.


The question is not whether Iran is a dictatorship or a democracy.

The question is whether the civil unrest there is a Google conspiracy or a Twitter conspiracy.


I shall never ever buy a book with Digital Restriction Management.

I buy a lot of books and i prefer to be buried in paper, pay more for moving, pay more for bigger apartments with bigger bookcases, than to buy files that i can’t copy any way i want.

No DRM book. Never.


For years my geek friends forced me to listen to Dream Theater. I hated it.

Yesterday they played in Tel-Aviv. The reviews are good. Oh well.

I just listened to Pull Me Under on YouTube and now i finally understood what does it sound like: like a demo song of a MIDI keyboard.

Anti Stab

Less Lethal Ammo“, meet “Anti-Stab Knife“.

Too Much Crowdsourcing

LinkedIn asked me to fill out a survey. And you know that i love filling out surveys!

They asked me whether i work as a translator. “Yes”, and i immediately knew where it was going.

“What kind of incentive would you want for translating LinkedIn – premium account / group leadership / i’ll just do it for fun.” And of course, they didn’t offer me money. I ticked all options except “fun”, ‘cuz LinkedIn is not that kind of a website which i’d translate just for fun.

The next question was even better – “How many hours a week would you spend as a volunteer translating LinkedIn?”

The success of Wikipedia made some people think that random folks really love doing things for free. Some people like some things, not all people like all things.


I am living in a four-story house. In front of my window1 there’s a fifteen-story house and it blocks the view.

It basically sucks, but a violinist lives in that house, and she2 practices all day long, which is very pleasant.

1 I wrote “Window” first. Why would i do such a thing? :)

2 Does this make me sexist?