This one’s optimistics, this one went to market

I polished my résumé once again. This time i made it simplistic — without templates, tables, fancy titles or styles. So non-Aharoni of me, but i think that this time i got it right: It finally looks natural on one page, it’s simple and clean and emphasizes the right points. I hope that the market is ready for me.

The guys from IBM are asking me repeatedly to send it; Taldor and NDS contacts are waiting too. It won’t be long yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah. It won’t be long. Freedom is around the corner. Here i come.


Old Driver

I received my new driver’s license. I’m not a “new driver” anymore, although i beat the statistics by barely driving in those first two years, so practically i’m still very very new. God help me.

Haven’t written for a while

Mira, Nev, Noga, Roz, Shluli and whoever else is reading my blog — i apologize for not updating for a long time. What happened in the meantime: A trip to Eilat, a new digital camera, a new academic year, Hadar gets new dorm room, i read the amazing, amazing Life of Pi (thank you, Mira, for the recommendation), Dad comes back from Moscow with two bottles of fine single malt whiskey (Cragganmore and Glenfiddich Solera Reserve) and a new video camera, my old computer finally gives up and dies, and i buy a new one. With all that excitement i had no time to update the blog; i was hardly home to freely use the web at all (i experience a strange boost in my work ethics lately, so i didn’t feel right to update the blog while i’m on duty).

I hope i’ll find the time to expand on all of these things, especially Life of Pi. A truly astounding book.