Help Me God – Update

The whole story with me competing for the same government position through two outsourcing companies keeps getting harder and harder. I managed to get them to promise me the same salary (more or less…), but now each of them tries to make me feel i’m morally obliged to go through them. Again we get back to morals. They are making efforts to convince me to call “that other company” and reject their offer. On one hand, that’s way too much politics for me. On the other – if there’s one thing that my career taught is that if i want a good job, i can count on absolutely no-one and must take care of everything myself.

And what’s even worse, it’s Israel here, and as the saying goes, “In such a small country … everyone is in everyone’s ass”. Most of the characters in this story don’t seem to give a damn about the government tenders laws, but somewhere it has to end. I just don’t want to get hurt in the process.


Soul Freedom 2005

The reason there were no updates for a long time, is that i finally moved to Jerusalem, to Hadar’s dormitories where i can get no broadband connection. Going back to dial-up stinks and isn’t worth the money, and besides – being offline for some time has certain advantages.

I am officially unemployed now. I don’t want to go and ask for welfare – my consciousness just won’t let me. I wake up everyday at 10:30, eat breakfast, play piano, go to the pool, eat lunch (with an obligatory bottle of beer, and believe ot or not, i suddenly fell in love with Tuborg, which i used to hate), read some Bashevis-Singer or look for mistakes in the 6-volume Even-Shoshan dictionary (and it’s so easy to find them…). I invested my savings in government bonds, which earned me an interest of 0.23% in three weeks, which is not bad at all. If i had some more time for stock market research, i’d probably make more, but i enjoy the taking and giving slack. The feeling, the feeling of freedom! I’m just lost for words to describe it.