Gathering Moss 17 – No

Avigdor Lieberman’s Our Home Israel party is going to be the “Shinui” of this election – it’s going to be the main secularist party, it is going to get a surprisingly high number of votes (wait and see), it’s going to be the most sought-after party for the coalition, it will get important portfolios – probably Public Security (a.k.a Police) for Lieberman, Ecology for Yuri Stern and maybe also Transport. They will also try to move forward with Lieberman’s “Disengagement from Israeli Arabs” program, in which Israeli Arab towns which are near the border with PA will be just given to PA; it is so logical and pragmatic that it doesn’t stand a chance. And then Lieberman will decide that it’s a matter of time until he’s gonna become a Prime-Minister, he’ll resign from the government for some stupid reason, his party will break up to little pieces and he’ll become a millionaire doing business with Moldova. (Maybe he’ll draft for them a plan of disengagement from Transnistria.) And whoever will be the prime minister at the time will take the credit for all his achievements. It will happen; i didn’t believe until very late that Shinui would break up so badly. But anyway, back to Lieberman.

Today i saw his new billboard. “Who will fight the crime? (Netanyahu) Nyet. (Olmert) Nyet. (Lieberman) Da! DA LIEBERMAN!

Da Lieberman

The Russian words for Yes and No are written in Hebrew characters. Yet this billboard is not indended for the Russian speaking voters – that’s what the numerous Russian newspapers are for. No, this billboard is intended for Israelis that appreciate Lieberman’s Russian … brutality? “Da Lieberman” is not really Russian, just like Shcharansky’s “MVD pad nash control” successful slogan in 1999 was not really Russian; it is cleverly designed to become a buzzword in Hebrew. And it might just work.


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