Aharoni the Movie Producer

Three movies – or rather adaptations – that i want to produce:

King Matt the First
Janusz Korczak’s most famous novel. Very bleak for a children’s book, but i like the story’s brutal realism.
Locked Room
Based on a novel by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö. These unpronounceable names are Swedish. They were a couple of communists who wrote detective stories with a preachy social message. I read a few of them, they were popular(ized) in USSR and i liked the plot of this one – there’s some chick robbing a bank, and some old trade union person found rotting in his apartment, and some incompetent policemen making a connection between the crimes and jailing a bunch of innocent people. But i want to completely change it and adapt it to Israel.
The Demented Motion Picture
This would be a live action version of Brian Kendall’s “The Demented Cartoon Movie”. It is old, but i only watched it last Friday. Yesterday i watched it for the second time and i still thought that it’s funny. If you try to watch it and after five minutes decide that Brian Kendall and me are both complete idiots, you wouldn’t be too wrong.

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