People Speaking – Box

— “There is a difference between me and you.”

— “What is it?”

— “I would have never done that.”

— “What?”

— “You touched the rag. Then you touched the food and put it in the fridge.”

— “I didn’t touch the food. I only touched the box it was in.”

— “You touched the food.”

— “Do you still love me?”

— “It’s hard, it’s hard … I’m thinking about all the times you did it and I didn’t know …”


4 thoughts on “People Speaking – Box

  1. Me?
    Why do you think that could have been me? Do I have a reason to spam your blog? What reason that could be? Please, tell me, ‘cos it seems like I’m missing something. Please, explain.

    You know I run a website, a forum, two blogs and I also have a page with a shoutbox – the last thing I need is a spam war with anybody, especially not with someone quite skillful on the ‘Net, like you.

    I got a lot of spam on my nBSGS site thru the Contact form (so I had to disable it), but I’ve never thought it was from you….

  2. Explanation:

    These are links to fantasy and science fiction books in Bulgarian, Russian, Czech and maybe Serbian too (i didn’t check all the links). And i remember that you once showed me a list of Serbian SF books that you had. So i thought that it might be you.

    Even if it is spam, and it probably isn’t, it is a very sophisticated and fun kind of spam.

    Who could it be? Someone keeps sending me links to materials about Polish and Lithuanian and now this booklist. Maybe it is someone from the University, but i don’t understand who is it. Mystery.


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