Freedom – Wolność

Dear readers (all three of you), let me transport you again to Belarus. I’m becoming an obsessed fan of this country and of at least one of its self-proclaimed representatives, who calls himself rydel23.

He tells us today about a Polish political action of protest against the censorship in Belarus. It’s nice, you should really take a look at it. You know that i love freedom of speech/press.

I don’t have many comments about it. The slogan in the bottom says: “Tak wygląda wolność slowa na Białorusi” – “That’s how freedom of speech looks in Belarus”.

But i love conspiracies, you know? So i’ve gotta tell that there are three possibilities:

  1. Poles are longing for the good old days of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, where Warsaw and Wilno/Vilnius were the political centers and Belarus was … er … that big land in the middle with a lot of forests and good quiet people who considered themselves Russian, but didn’t mind paying their taxes to the Great Polish/Lithuanian Duke, even though actually they really wanted to be under the rule of the one true Tsar in Moscow. So now Poles are trying to bring down the current pro-Russian government and make Belarus its vassal. And even Belarus is just a little pawn in Poland’s bid to destroy all of Russia and make everyone catholic. Because, hey – they always hated Russians.
  2. Same as above, but with Jews. Because, hey – the Jews always hated Russians and helped Poles to hate Russians. Here, look – i’m helping them right now1.
  3. Poland is the original European democracy and they are fighting the good fight for democracy in Belarus. I don’t rule this out.

1 And didn’t you know that it was the Jews that together with the Poles taught Russians to drink vodka in order to hurt the strength of Russian men and destroy their families?


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