Blush and Lure – Hold Them Harder

I discovered this band a few months ago at a Pavement tribute in Tel Aviv. They played “Gold Soundz” and “Here” in a very detached way and looked geekier than Pavement themselves. They also seemed like the most serious and original band there. Curious, i came upon their website, with their original mp3’s. They’re excellent – remind me mostly of Rockfour (see “Worlds Collide” and “Way We Go Blind”) and Interpol (see “Hold Her Harder”). Which is actually a weird comparison, because the starting point for those two bands is very un-original. But like them, Blush and Lure take the psychedelic element and the new wave element and the indie element and make it very much their own – and they rock. The best song, the psychedelic “Worlds Collide”, seems to have disappeared from the site, but with a little hacking i found it and much more material here. Recommended.


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