California day 4

We took a peek at the old city of San Diego — nicely restored with dressed-up tourist guides, but interesting mostly for the kids. Then some driving around the hills, some nice views and then — the world-famous zoo! Ya mama. Animals and stuff. Very fun, but really not that much to tell. I took some pictures, and i’m particularly proud of the hummingbirds. Maybe i should study a little ornithology. El’ad, for some reason, was very curious about the koalas. The pandas there symbolized San Diego in the best way — laid-back.

Later we took a little walk around the Balboa park, which is really nice. Maybe we should have went there earlier — it’s a quiet place with some very nice Spanish buildings. Maybe some other time. Then some more driving around the city, and also to the world-famous Coronado — the fancy suburb on the peninsula connected to mainland with a long narrow bridge. Some impressive pics there too, and a supper in a Japanese restaurant. El’ad kept complaining about the quality of sushi there — he was very disappointed, according to him it paled in comparison to Tel-Aviv’s Sakura. Actually he was right, but hey, it’s San Diego! He’s supposed to be LAID-BACK!! In the evening we found ourselves an internet cafe. Expensive, damn it!


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