Egged 2003

It might be good that the wheel is in Egged‘s hands, but their hands shouldn’t touch any telephones. Their service is terrible.

Yesterday morning i forgot my bag in the baggage when i arrived from Jerusalem to T.A. I hated the bag and if it’s gone forever i’ll be glad, but inside it there were my hardcover Cassel’s Latin Dictionary and “Beginner’s Lithuanian” by Dambriūnas et al., both brand new and also my university notebook. Let alone the expensive books, i’m particularly sorry about the notebook, which is the best i ever had. So good that other female (!!) students asked for it, to photocopy the lessons they missed. That a female student should be able to even look inside my notebook without having to be hospitalized was unimaginable until recently, so i’ll really miss it if it will be lost.

Anyway, Egged’s handling of the case was disgusting, their service skills are appalling. I’m not giving up, but it’s still a little depressing.


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