I’ve been doing homework in Catalan. The exercise is very simple: match between the sentences and the pictures.

  • a. Good! Now I have an apartment. It is not very big, but for me it is good now.
  • b. How amazing!
  • c. Damn! No hot water again!
  • d. What a success! It’s the second time that I win (the lottery).
  • e. Greetings! (literally: In good hour!)
  • f. Congratulations! He’s very beautiful and looks like the father.
  • g. Such a shame! Just two minutes!

The exercise sheet was lying on my table. I solved some other exercises, and the picture was in front of my eyes for many minutes. Then suddenly i noticed that something is not so usual there. Click to enlarge:


This must be one of the cutest and most touching things i have ever seen.

I thought about writing a philosophical social commentary on it, but i won’t.

Ús raonable. Dibuix de “Veus – Curs de català – Llibre d’exercisis i gramàtica”. Autors: Marta Mas Parts i Albert Villagrosa Grandia. Il·lustraciò: Linhart i Javier Olivares. Publicacions de l’Abadia de Montserrat, juny de 2007.

Wedding Pictures!

I got married to Hadar on 2006-10-04.

Now i finally uploaded all the photos.

They can be accessed here: Amir Aharoni’s photos on Zooomr.

Feel free to browse. I wrote comments on some of them – you may leave your own!

A comment tor the technically minded: Each of the famous photo-sharing service – Flickr, Picasa, Yahoo photos, and ImageShack – had something that bugged me. Finally i found what i wanted – it’s the new “bad boy” Flickr competitor Zooomr. They have some technical glitches, but they admit that they are beta-quality. They are good enough for me now.


I tried to upload my wedding pictures to Picasa and found out that the uploading software thinks that i am very stupid and i hate it. A sip of Drambuie helped me to calm down a bit.

So i tried to upload my wedding pictures to flickr and after 200+ pictures i found out that there is a limit that allows me to upload up to 100MB a month, which is reasonable, but only allows me to change the settings of the latest 200, unless i pay for a premium account. This is incredibly stupid, so in a rage of fury i deleted them all. I mean, come on, one megabyte of storage costs less than 1$ and i bet they make more profit from advertising, so why set limits which are so incredibly stupid? Of course i could trick it by opening several accounts or editing the photos into “sets” in some clever way, but i just don’t want to.

Can anyone recommend me a reasonable photo sharing site? I am exhausted of looking for one which doesn’t think that i am an idiot.

Made Me Cry – Matt

I am a basket case Internet junkie, but more often than not it takes a while until email fads reach me.

This one finally did.

I mean OK – i cry at greatness. And i love his dance (i should have been more prudent at filming myself jumping on beds in hotels.)

But the music! The music! Reminded me of the best moments of Go Home Productions. And Dancer in the Dark too.

Just made me cry.

Oh (edit): Stupid, stupid – i know what it really reminded me of. Cocteau Twins’ “Lorelei”. The song to which Hadar and me walked to the hupa. Videos will be uploaded Real Soon Now.

Cool waves wash over me

Wedding pictures are coming – as soon as i receive them from the photographer. Stories will come as soon as i write them.

In the meantime life goes on and the breaking and wonderful news are that there’s heavy rain in the mountains of Jerusalem. I love rain and i love Israeli winter. I just need to drive really carefully.