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My fake plastic love, part 1

I just watched a WikiMovie. (Read on, this post doesn’t have significant spoilers.)

I watched Cashback once when it came out and enjoyed it immensely.

There was one thing that bugged me though. In a climactic scene towards the end “Power of Love” plays in the background. It is a good song and it is more or less fitting, but there’s one song that would fit much better.

The movie is British. It deals with the subjects of love and reality. Most of the it takes place in a supermarket. A climactic scene.

All this can only mean one thing: “Fake Plastic Trees“, 2:30.

So today i watched it, and at that scene i muted the movie and played it instead. It was perfect.

Seriously, the wiki idea should be enhanced to all things in life.


1998: I was working on the final project in the programming course. We were a team of seven people. Thanks to my famous Microsoft Word prowess i was in charge of writing the documents that were part of the project, but the other team members also had to update them and it was quite troublesome. So i told my friend El’ad an idea i had: “How nice would be it be if i could collaborate with my team members – if we could write the same document simultaneously. It would be a nice startup!” El’ad told me that it seemed rather useless to him.

Some time later El’ad told me about his own idea for a startup: “Let’s say that you have some files on your computer, for example music or images, and these files may be interesting to other people on the web that you don’t even know, and you want to share them and help people find them…”

To which i replied: “Who on Earth would want to do such a thing? That’s what websites and FTP are for.”

A few months later all the websites were buzzing about Napster’s fucking up the music business and El’ad told me that they implemented that idea of his.

2007: I went to Catalonia for a week and didn’t go online for all that time. When i came back, all the websites were buzzing about Radiohead’s fucking up the music business further with “In Rainbows”.

2009: I haven’t used the web since Thursday morning. Today i went online and every website was buzzing about Google Wave.

Google Wave is a combination of a word processor, an email program and an instant messaging program that is written in HTML. We’ll have to wait and see whether this will fuck up Microsoft’s business model, but the important parts for me are that it has a very cool spell checker, and more importantly – that it allows several people to edit the same document simultaneously.

Take a look at the video: Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009. At 00:35 you’ll see exactly the thing i envisioned in 1998. It even has Hebrew there.

So, El’ad, you can say that you had your revenge on me. But i’m still quite proud – i envisioned an idea that took many more years to implement.

All lost in the tide

What do you get if you search for Soundgarden’s “Pretty Noose” video? The “Alternate Version” – the one where the band just performs. So the song is awesome, but the interesting original video is not on YouTube.

But what’s interesting is what appears in “Related Videos”. After a bunch of Soundgarden videos you get: Radiohead – Creep; Weezer – Say it Ain’t So; Roxette – Listen to Your Heart.

At this point i am supposed to write a Russian cuss word, but actually i can’t deny that Marie Fredriksson looks a lot like Thom Yorke. I’d love to say that it ain’t so, but it is too.

You never wash up after yourself

Hello, World.

World, you owe me. Not too much—about fifty bucks. But you still owe me.

You see, World, i’ve been listening to Radiohead since the second “You’re so fucking special” was played on Israeli Educational TV for the first time. When “Pablo Honey”, “The Bends” and “OK Computer” were released, i was a penniless teenager. Few of my friends listened to such music and those who did like it, were penniless teenagers, too, and didn’t have the CD’s. And, believe it or not, there were no MP3’s to download then. I only knew the songs from the videos on MTV, but did’t hear “Black Star”, “Planet Telex”, “You” or “Exit Music”.

Long story short, by 2000 i finally bought all those CD’s. I even became so rich, that i bought “Kid A” the day it was released.

What’s the problem then? The rest. With every album that they released, Radiohead released a separate companion EP. And these companion EP’s were good, too. And they were almost as expensive as the albums. For some time i didn’t buy them, because i hardly had the money to buy the albums. Later i was sure that EMI ere about to re-release them in some way. Then i stopped seeing them in record stores. Hey, i stopped seeing record stores—they began to get closed one after the other.

And then i saw those EP’s somewhere, and i had some spare money and i gave up and bought them—”My Iron Lung EP”, “How am I Driving EP”, “Com Lag EP”. Excellent music—”The Trickster”, “Permanent Daylight”, “Pearly”, “Palo Alto”.

Mere weeks later, bang: Radiohead’s First Three Albums Reissued and Expanded.

Well, yes, those tracklists have the complete EP’s and then some: “Molasses”, “Talk Show Host”, “Pop is Dead” and “Killer Cars” are all great and hard-to-find songs. And i am going to buy that crap, because i am the sucker that keeps the CD industry alive. But damn it, i don’t know what is it in me that makes record companies re-release albums days after i, of all people, buy myself a copy. It happened to me with Bob Dylan, Pavement, R. E. M. and Arik Einstein, but somehow with Radiohead it’s especially painful.

So there. I guess that i had to buy those EP’s to have them re-released so you, World, would be able to pay less than i paid and get more than i got.

Fuck justice. Fuck EMI. Fuck Radiohead. Fuck money.

P.S. At least i didn’t buy “Seven Television Commercials”. Go-go, YouTube.

The more you drive the less intelligent you get

Since i remember myself, i had trouble falling asleep at the right time. I often spend hours bored in the bed until i actually fall asleep. Only in the last couple of years i finally discovered the cure that millions of people already found before me: reading.

Thank you, God, for giving me this insomnia. Reading books is great.

Lately i am reading even more, since i ride the train all the time. Driving would be much cheaper for me, but i choose paying for the train so i could read books.

I took the quote in the title from the cover of Radiohead’s “I Might Be Wrong” EP. Google suggests that a very similar quote appeared in the movie “Repo Man“; it’s not the first time i hear about it, so i guess i should rent it.