Here’s a recipe for a pasta i made yesterday. I ate something similar to it in a restaurant recently and it blew me away. It’s delicious, but laughingly simple to prepare. It works well with both long (spaghetti, linguine) and short (penne) kinds of pasta.

For 500 gr. of pasta: Mince 1 onion and fry it lightly in olive oil. Cut 4 tomatoes to medium-sized cubes and add them to the pan. Now the most important and fun part: spice it. I used a mix of spices that included musk nut, dried porcini, thyme, pepper and a bunch of other things i found in kitchen cupboards. I don’t even know their names.

That’s it – very simple.

I don’t know exactly what is the name of this pasta. It is possible that it is a type of “salsa cruda”, but it is also possible that “salsa cruda” can be used only to describe sauces made from unprepared tomatoes.