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Made Me Cry – Illusions

MTV launched a website with a lot of videos – Until now i would watch videos on YouTube and quite often i’d get the “unavailable” error, because MTV would request YouTube to remove content for funny copyright reasons. Hopefully there will less of that crap now. (Now, if only Flash was True Free Software…)

As i opened for the first time, i was very pleasantly surprised by the videos at the top. Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” is an obvious joke—”Rickrolling” lovers must have quickly caught on to the new website. And Britney at the top is the exception rather than the rule. The rest, however, is pure classic bliss: “Once in a Lifetime”, “Legs”, “Take On Me”, “Money for Nothing”, and the one that just had to make me cry: “Under Pressure”.

One disappointing thing is that only seems to include video clips and not other MTV classics, such as the Unplugged concerts. You can still watch the whole of Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam Unplugged sessions on YouTube, though.

And why is this post called “Illusions”? Because if you open an account there, you’ll have to sign an agreement saying that you allow MTV “to edit, mix, combine, merge, distort, superimpose, create or add special effects, illusions and/or other material to or of all or any portion of your User Content”. If they allow me to watch Yo La Tengo’s “Sugarcube” in exchange, i don’t mind letting them use my content in illusions.