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Unboxing – Forgiveness Rock Record

As i already wrote here recently, i love “Forgiveness Rock Record” by the Canadian band Broken Social Scene. I also love the way it was marketed: It was possible to buy a vinyl record and receive a code to download lossless CD-quality FLAC files with all the songs. The deal is great, because vinyl is big, black and cool, and it is great for listening at home and for listening in a car or on a digital player FLAC files are perfect. (Digital players that don’t support FLAC files are bad. Don’t buy them.)

So i ordered the vinyl+FLAC. On the day the album was released i received the URL to download the files and patiently waited for the vinyl to arrive in the mail. After two months it didn’t arrive, so i wrote an email to Gallery AC, the record company, asking them what happened. They apologized, saying that due to changing their computer system my order wasn’t processed properly, and said that they will send the package by air mail without additional charges and will add a CD of my choice to the package, also without additional charges. How nice of them! I chose Jason Collett’s “Idols of Exile”. The package arrived today, about eight days after the email.

So here’s my “unboxing” experience. Unboxing is usually for digital gadgets; i buy very few gadgets and care much more about music, so it should be more appropriate.