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Looking at this Facebook ad makes me think: Was the Orange Revolution in Ukraine a failure or a success?

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Russian Immersion in Kiev

The Orange Revolution is presented in the Western Media mostly as an uprising against election fraud and for democracy and freedom. But to Eastern Europeans it was mostly about Ukraine’s relationship with Russia: Will Ukraine develop its own independent identity or will it remain little but Russia’s twin? The questions of nationality, language and identity were far more important than the questions of democracy vs. authoritarianism.

Yuschenko won the Orange Revolution, but lost the last election. Ukrainians, even those who supported his nationalist ideas, were disappointed: he seemed to do little but talk about how important it is to speak and write Ukrainian instead of Russian, proclaimed controversial figures such as Roman Shukhevych national heroes and promoted the Holodomor narrative, also rather controversial.

The Ukrainian language is going rather strong – it is the preferred language for many young people, it has an excellent music scene and it’s flourishing online. But it is not yet the language of an overwhelming majority – millions of people in Ukraine speak Russian for various reasons. As this advertisement testifies, Russian, the “occupier’s language”, is strong enough in Kiev to be used for marketing the city.

So, the nationalistic element of the Orange Revolution may have been somewhat of a failure, which can’t be too bad, but its democratic element is probably doing well. The government can, and probably should, force Ukrainian in documents and education, but it cannot stifle other languages in commerce. Yuschenko may hate it, but that’s the beauty of democracy.

Ajuntament de Barcelona

George Orwell, the author of “1984” and “Homage to Catalonia” is turning in his grave:

The Municipality of Barcelona - Zone under surveillance

The Municipality of Barcelona - Zone under surveillance


I’ve been doing homework in Catalan. The exercise is very simple: match between the sentences and the pictures.

  • a. Good! Now I have an apartment. It is not very big, but for me it is good now.
  • b. How amazing!
  • c. Damn! No hot water again!
  • d. What a success! It’s the second time that I win (the lottery).
  • e. Greetings! (literally: In good hour!)
  • f. Congratulations! He’s very beautiful and looks like the father.
  • g. Such a shame! Just two minutes!

The exercise sheet was lying on my table. I solved some other exercises, and the picture was in front of my eyes for many minutes. Then suddenly i noticed that something is not so usual there. Click to enlarge:


This must be one of the cutest and most touching things i have ever seen.

I thought about writing a philosophical social commentary on it, but i won’t.

Ús raonable. Dibuix de “Veus – Curs de català – Llibre d’exercisis i gramàtica”. Autors: Marta Mas Parts i Albert Villagrosa Grandia. Il·lustraciò: Linhart i Javier Olivares. Publicacions de l’Abadia de Montserrat, juny de 2007.