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I decided to use a little less non-Free software and uninstalled Adobe Flash. It’s needed only for videos i don’t have to watch and for ads that i don’t want to watch. This made browsing faster and more enjoyable. One day HTML5 animations will take over and become as annoying as Flash is today; until then my web browsing will be more fun.

I often criticize Apple, but i praise their firm anti-Flash stance.


Microsoft want to compete with Adobe and make a product called Silverlight that seems to do quite the same thing that Flash does. I have not idea why would they want to do such a thing, but who am i to judge.

When they first announced it, they said that it would work on both Windows and Mac. Both.

Apparently they changed mind and announced intentions to support Linux, too. Are they finally doing the right thing or is another trick?

1337 h4X0r

Go to the American Bible Society – introduction page.

Watch it from the beginning to the end. Don’t skip, otherwise it won’t work.

In the end there’s a very neat visual effect. The coolest thing about is that it was not made by a designer or a computer programmer, but by God Almighty (and maybe Holy Ghost too). I hope that you’ll notice it and enjoy it as much as i did.