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Cats on the Wing 2

“If you told the truth, that was all well and good,
And if you told the un-truth, well, that’s still well and good.” (Bob Dylan, Chronicles Volume One)

Nini and Khantouli on the wing

Big Girl Perl

Love is so simple, to quote a phrase,
You’ve known it all the time, I’m learnin’ it these days.
Oh, I know where I can find you, oh, oh,
In somebody’s room.
It’s a price I have to pay
You’re a big girl all the way.

Happy birthday, Perl.

A rebel without a clue

Mr. Arcadi Gaydamak is a Jew that was born in Russia, emigrated to France, made millions there trading weapons and a few years ago came to Israel. Here he does a lot of business of various kinds and attracts a lot of media attention – he invests in soccer teams and gives a lot of money to charity, among other things. He also organized a big Independence Day party this year, free for everyone. He was harshly criticized for this and other overblown charity projects, such as providing free shelter for refugees from Northern Israel in the last war. The critics say that this way he “buys” the public support and eventually he will manipulate local politics (they are at least partly correct – today he announced his intentions to run for the mayor of Jerusalem).

And you know what? I don’t care. It’s his right to spend his money on anything he likes. Our politics can’t get much worse.

But i haven’t heard anyone criticize for making millions out of weapons – until today.

Apparently at his big Independece Day party the singer Shay Gabso appeared. Gabso got to the third place at the first season of “A Star is Born”, the Israeli “Pop Idol” and went on to a moderately successful pop career, with two albums and several radio hits. At the party he sang Dylan’s “Masters of War”. He says that he was asked by the organizers not to sing it, but he rebeled! Yeah!

He made up his own melody, changed the mood of the song and translated the lyrics to Hebrew without any rhymes. But in this case i salute him anyway.

Video: Shay Gabso – Masters of War (streaming wmv video; it is badly nonstandard, but i am making an exception).

Hebrew readers are welcome to read the YNet article “Woodstock is Here” (as if you haven’t already).


It hurts me when people near me criticize music harshly. I’m not talking about reviews in the press, but about personal conversations. It is especially strong with music that i like, but it doesn’t have to be – even bad musicians put some portion of spirit and love into what they do.

Last night i was in the car with Hadar and Dylan’s “Time Out of Mind” (1997) was in the CD player. At Cold Irons Bound Hadar said:

— “What?.. Is that Bob Dylan? ‘Cuz that’s … shit.”

— “Eh?”

— “Well, at least compared to his older stuff.”

— “Shit?! Please don’t say that. You know how i hate it.”

— “Well, i didn’t mean ‘shit’, but you know … compared to his older stuff. I know that you hate it when i keep criticizing music harshly and repeat it without stopping, but i only said ‘shit’ once …”

— “No, i don’t know, and you don’t have to repeat that word again. Please. It really hurts me. On behalf of other musicians i take a personal blow.”

— “Really? Is it that bad?”

Yes, it is. Later i thought about the part of “taking a personal blow on behalf of others”, and it made me think of Jesus. I never bought this Christian story about this sad man that takes the humanity’s sins upon himself. Christians believe that this story is very important, complete with the gory details of The Passion. Its reflection in Narnia looked even more ridiculous (i only watched the movie, the book may be better). But this thought about myself being hurt by criticism about other people, whom i don’t necessarily like, made me appreciate the philosophical part of Christianity a bit more.

I still don’t buy the story about Jesus’ being God’s son, though.