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Soldiers and Officers

“Soldiers are on MySpace; officers are on Facebook.”

This is an amazing quote, even though it is wrong.

(taken from Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace, thanks to Slashdot)


I received a message on MySpace (spelling mistakes kept, names abbreviated with ‘):

this may sound a bit strange, but I was wondering if you are related to A’ Aharoni from Natanya? If you are, I have been trying to find he and his wife as my husband passed from this life owing them money, and I am trying to settle the debt. It has been troubling me for several years now. They would have known me by S’ P’, my husbands name was D. A. was a musician and his wife was studying to be a teacher I believe I think the spelling of her name is R’. If you could be of any assistance, I would greatly appreciate it.

I wonder whether it is a true story of sadness and honesty or an Israeli version of Nigerian spam.

Miron’s Space

I made a very simple page for Miron Tzabari’s band at MySpace:

It’s not so good. It should be in Hebrew, but MySpace doesn’t accept Hebrew. It shouldn’t have so much ugly advertising. It shouldn’t use Flash. But for starters, it’s a good way to spread the word.

Next in line – and will be a bit more complicated but with God’s help will appear one day. Any other suggestions are most welcome.