Tea Packs

Throughout the whole day i’m having an urge to drink a bottle of correction fluid that stands on my table.

I hid it in a drawer, but the thought just wouldn’t go away.

A sip of Jack Daniels helped.

Please could you …

… tell me why did i have the urge to cut down a light post with an axe a few days ago?

I know the answer, do you?

You laugh –
The courts
Take quickly,
Give back slowly.

It’s late, you say,
We both stand up,
An Arab doctor, a Jewish singer,
Hug each other and go.

From the direction of the mountain
All is normal,
The Good October
Is about to begin.

(Amir Lev)

אתה צוחק –
בתי המשפט
לוקחים מהר,
מחזירים לאט.

מאוחר אתה אומר,
שנינו קמים,
רופא ערבי, זמר יהודי,
מתחבקים והולכים.

מכיוון ההר
הכל רגיל,
אוקטובר הטוב
עומד להתחיל.

(עמיר לב)



This is not for computer people only, although it might look like that in the beginning.

You try to install a program on a Windows PC. This application depends on functioning IIS – Microsoft HTTP server software.

When you try to start IIS, you get an error – “Unexpected error 0x8ffe2740”. This is not very helpful (talk about Microsoft’s user-friendliness…), so you search the web with this weird error message and you find that it means that some other application is occupying port 80. Port 80 is the standard HTTP port. But what is it?

Of course you can use cool command-line network monitoring tools and find the offending process. But for me a quick look on the PC screen was just enough: In the tray there was the familiar icon for Apache. I am saying “familiar”, because Apache is the main competitor of Microsoft’s IIS – it is the famous open-source HTTP server, on which most of the World Wide Web runs. So of course Apache was occupying port 80. The icon, appropriately for Apache is a feather:

Apache logo

Now why do i say “appropriately”? Because Apache is one of the Native American nations and Native Americans are known for putting feathers in their head. It makes sense to me and it makes it easy for me to remember that Apache’s icon is a feather.

Apparently, despite the fact that Apache is a very popular web server software and despite the fact that it’s quite easy to remember its icon, many people with whom i work didn’t see it immediately. I swear that i am not bragging – but i am quite surprised.

That’s how my mind works. I am not a genius, but i do try not to strain my head remembering things that make sense – if something makes sense, it just pops up by itself.