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Now we are six

I’ve been blogging in English for six years.

Search and destroy – new page

WordPress has a nice feature – it is possible to see what did people look for in search engines when they find my blog.

I am creating a new page for the most interesting of them, which will be called “Search and destroy.”

Aharoni in Hebrew, ya mama

I started a yet another blog in Hebrew.

This is Aharoni in Hebrew, welcome!


Apparently someone arrived to my blog searching for “underwater-sex and fun”.

Israeli Spam

After many thoughts i started a new blog in Hebrew. It is not about me – it is about the many spam messages in Hebrew that i receive. It is called ספאם ישראלי, which simply means Israeli Spam. I created it a few weeks ago, but didn’t put anything in. I recalled it after someone leaved a comment there. Apparently, if you search Google for ספאם ישראלי, that site is the first result! This means two things:

  1. Nobody has done it before.
  2. I have responsibility now. Damn.

Wish me luck, then. It might be dangerous. I may not return from that journey.

Jump around

If you have me on RSS (how nice of you) and you see posts and comments jumping around and appearing as new again and again, it happens because i’m trying out the abilities of WordPress. Thanks for the patience.

I have also decided to migrate the posts from the old blog by hand. Very slowly.

So this is act three latest update made it unusable for me, so i start a new blog here.

I’ll migrate the old posts here Some Time Soon.

Thanks for your patience and welcome to my new home.