Israeli Spam

After many thoughts i started a new blog in Hebrew. It is not about me – it is about the many spam messages in Hebrew that i receive. It is called ספאם ישראלי, which simply means Israeli Spam. I created it a few weeks ago, but didn’t put anything in. I recalled it after someone leaved a comment there. Apparently, if you search Google for ספאם ישראלי, that site is the first result! This means two things:

  1. Nobody has done it before.
  2. I have responsibility now. Damn.

Wish me luck, then. It might be dangerous. I may not return from that journey.


Jump around

If you have me on RSS (how nice of you) and you see posts and comments jumping around and appearing as new again and again, it happens because i’m trying out the abilities of WordPress. Thanks for the patience.

I have also decided to migrate the posts from the old blog by hand. Very slowly.


Sorry about the rare and the disappointing updates. I’m off the hook. No more internet connection at home at least for a few more weeks. A change will do me good.

I’m planning a huge pics upload some time soon, and it’s not just the wedding.

In the meantime, enjoy some vegetarian spam:

crash-land lady beetle
mole-blindedly Konia-ladik
mis-space frame worker
quasi-living quasi-living
bang beggar monitory letter
gas-lampy quasi-living

Also, since i’m off the hook, i re-discovered books that are printed on paper. Recommendation: Try the short story “Pecheneg” by A. P. Chekhov. It’s rather pointless yet very enjoyable.


OK, i’m taking this risk and changing the template to some Blogger-beta pre-designed Web 2.0-AJAX-dynamagic thing. All the fun links and gif’s on the sidebar around will be updated some time soon. Here we go.

Oh Boy Oh Boy

Dear Mr. or Ms. Anonymous Person,

I appreciate your valuable comments with links to material about Lithuanian and Polish.

Can you please tell me who you are? I’m very very curious. If it’s a secret, you can send me a private email to amir dоt aharoni аt gmail dоt com.

Labas ačiū.