me lying with my eyes closed upon my silicon piano

Hallo. My name is Amir Elisha Aharoni. I

  • was born in Moscow, USSR
  • live in Jerusalem, Israel
  • am married to Hadar
  • am vegetarian
  • play piano in a band that has a great songwriter and a crappy MySpace website – Meron Tzabari
  • have a B.A. in Structural Linguistics and Hebrew Language from HUJI
  • study for an M.A. in Romance linguistics in the same institution
  • write in Wikipedia (Hebrew, English, Russian, Catalan) as a volunteer
  • improve the multilingual support of the software behind Wikipedia, especially with regards to right-to-left languages for living
  • am a volunteer Mozilla Rep
  • write the word ‘i’ with a small letter
  • am fluent in Russian, Hebrew, English and nearly fluent in Catalan
  • have varying degrees of knowledge in Italian, Spanish, French, Lithuanian, Latin, Arabic, Yiddish, Amharic, Polish, Czech, Belarusian and Malayalam

Believe that life is good.




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