The Longest Articles

In Wikipedia in every language you can go to a page called “Special:LongPages” and see what are the longest articles in that language.

Some fun facts that I found by random browsing of that page in a few languages:

  • The longest article in the Polish Wikipedia is “Finnish grammar”. It’s 117 pages long in print – basically a book.
  • The longest article in the Telugu Wikipedia is “Adolf Hitler”.
  • The longest article in the Kannada Wikipedia is “History of the SLR camera”. The second longest is “Adolf Hitler”. Kannada is spoken in India near Telugu.
  • The longest article in the Italian Wikipedia is “List of serial killers by number of victims”.
  • The longest article in the Hindi Wikipedia is “History of Australia” – about 50 pages in print. The article “History of India” will take 5 pages in print.
  • The longest articles in Chinese, Japanese and Korean Wikipedias are related to video games.
  • Finally, the longest article in the English Wikipedia is “List of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition monsters”.

6 Responses to “The Longest Articles”

  1. 1 Filceolaire 2012-07-22 at 02:47

    In the larger wikis, including the english wikipedia, there are guidelines on the maximum size of an article, with larger articles being recast as overview articles and separate, more detailed, articles created for various sections of that topic.

    This means that the largest articles end up being about subjects that no experienced editor is interested in copy editting to recast in this overview article / detailed articles format. The longest articles are certainly not the topics that wikipedians are most interested in.

  2. 2 Nemo 2012-07-22 at 06:20

    Filceolaire, of course, nobody said the contrary. They also are the articles which are “owned” by someone who cares so much about them as to “protect” them from splitting, or which have some other conflict problem nobody cares about enough to step in.

  3. 3 naveenpf 2012-07-22 at 06:37

    Interesting ;)

  4. 4 ST Muhammad Alfas 2012-07-23 at 06:35

    In Malayalam wikipedia, the largest is Tamil Literature’s history. Malayalam and Tamil are neighbour langs.

  5. 5 Jon Harald Søby 2012-07-28 at 14:13

    In the Norwegian (Bokmål) Wikipedia, the longest article is on “Chinese church history” , written by a Catholic priest who is our most active editor. 109 pages in print. Pretty impressive.

  1. 1 Adolf Burger | Seit über 10.000 Jahren Erfahrung in Versklavung Trackback on 2012-07-27 at 18:58

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