Why I Don’t Plan To Use Any Apple Products

Well, basically, because of this. If that page offends you, then you deserve to be offended.

And seriously, I have so many completely practical reasons not to use any Apple products:

  1. I don’t want to waste a second of my life on getting used to the weird Alt, Control, Command and Option keys, or whatever they are called there. I’m efficient with using keyboard shortcuts, which are similar in Windows and graphical desktop GNU/Linux environments with Windows-style keyboards. Every time I try to use a Mac, I immediately start climbing up the walls, because the shortcuts don’t work. If you tell me that once I learn them, it gets really natural, then you are defeating the whole Mac idea of “it just works”. Not that I ever seriously thought that it’s true.
  2. I love right-clicking and I hate control-clicking. I know that I can connect a normal mouse with two or three buttons, but the very idea that by default the mouse has only one button because I’m apparently too stupid to understand the difference between right-clicking and left-clicking offends me. And the Mac touchpads come with one button. Mac lovers tell me that I can use gestures to achieve the effect of a right click, but I hate gestures with a passion. Call me old-fashioned if you will.
  3. I’ll have to buy Mac OS X even though I’m not going to use it. I once spent an hour with an experienced Mac user trying to understand how to write Hebrew from right to left properly. I suppose that it’s possible to do it there somehow, but in 2012 I don’t want to waste a second of my time on an operating system in which it’s so hard to figure out how to do such a simple thing.
  4. I do not want documents to scroll the other way. I do not want documents to scroll the other way. I do not want documents to scroll the other way.

And all that – even before I get to the ideological points. For example, that Apple wants to kill the open web with walled-garden apps, that it forces app developers to get approval for everything, that its licenses are among the most obnoxiously proprietary.

That everything made by Apple is unnecessarily expensive just because it’s supposed to be more fashionable. Yes, they probably invested a bit more in design. Yes, they probably invested a bit more in the right alloy. But the main reason for their high prices is not the quality of the product and not even the fact that they are stylish, but because the high price is the thing that makes them more fashionable. This is preposterous and I am not cooperating with that.

Well, yes, Macs have certain positive points. A Mac can run all the development tools that I need – it comes with a usable Unix-style terminal and programming languages, such as PHP, Python and Ruby (I didn’t check, but probably Perl, too). It has a high-quality screen. On the average, Macbooks are usually thinner and lighter. But there are no Mac features that are compelling enough for me to bother to reconsider the above points.

What I really fail to understand is why so many Free Software developers use Macs – but that’s a topic for a separate post.


4 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Plan To Use Any Apple Products

  1. 1. Fine, yeah, you got to get used to using cmd, not ctrl, for most shortcuts. People have done this and survived to tell. I use Ubuntu at work and a Mac at home on a daily basis, and I still somehow manage.
    2. For many years now macs are sold bundled with a mouse that supports right-clicking. (It might not be turned on by default in the preferences. I can’t remember whether 5 years ago I spent 10 seconds turning it on or not).
    3. If you’re not going to use Mac OS X, don’t buy a mac. I’ve been typing Hebrew (from right to left, no less!) on OS X for years. It’s not any more difficult than on Windows or Ubuntu. And anyway, most typing these days is done in browsers, which implement their own bidi, so the OS is mostly irrelevant.
    4. Fine, then flip the damn preference, like I did. It will take you less time than it took you to write that paragraph.

    I won’t argue with your ideological points. If they’re good enough for you to keep away from Apple products, very well. But then you should have put them at the top, above the “I’m too lazy to flip a preference”, and “I once heard you can’t type Hebrew” stuff – because they’re a lot more convincing.

      1. Yes, you would get a pretty useful hardware+OS bundle. I can’t promise you’ll like it, but it’s certainly been useful to me in the past 10+ years I’ve been using various versions of it.

        1. So he would get a nice hardware, software bundle. Why would a Lenovo not serve the same purpose? (And to avoid the “Windows Sucks!” mantra, what if he ran Linux with an Intel CPU and video card? Intel is very supportive of Linux, so I think you get similar “bundling”.)

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