File System

Dear software industry,

Please stop forcing programs that organize the music on my computer down my throat. I already have a program that does it pretty well. It’s called a file system.

Instead of investing your time and effort in writing pointless software that gets in my way when I want to listen to a song, invest in an education program that will teach the human race how to do basic things with a computer. For example, to understand what a file is.

Thank you.


5 thoughts on “File System

  1. Most filesystem sucks when it comes to advanced file management. For example, you can’t arrange your music folders by album while still preserving other metadata in path so you could in few clicks listen to all the music you store from specific genre or author. This could be solved in advanced filesystems such as ZFS which can store duplicate files once so having the same file over and over won’t require more storage space, but such filesystems are not [yet?] available to everyone and not fully implemented even on Linux.

    1. Modern file systems can read metadata, like album title.

      And why on earth would anybody want to listen to all the music from a specific genre?

  2. I really would want to use the best application/file system to play/manage music files (flacs mainly and mp3s) on my desktop computer. I tried looking at the long ZFS article but I presume I will have to change my OS from windows xp to else. Is that the best way forward?

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