Guess Which Software the Only Hebrew TLD Runs

There already are several TLDs in the Arabic script for several Arab countries. There are no TLDs in the Hebrew script yet, although one will probably soon be created for Israel.

There is however, a test TLD in Hebrew: “טעסט”. (That’s the word “test” in Hebrew characters and according to Yiddish spelling rules.)

And there’s even an actual working domain in it: http://דוגמה.טעסט. That can be translated as “example.test”. The TLD “טעסט” now appears to the left of “דוגמה”, which is the name, because Hebrew is written right-to-left.

And what happens if you use your browser to go to that domain? It redirects you to http://דוגמה.טעסט/עמוד_ראשי. That string in the end (or in the middle if you will) is the standard Hebrew title of a MediaWiki main page, which you can also see on the Hebrew Wikipedia. The hypothesis that MediaWiki is installed there is proven further by using Google site search on the same domain:דוגמה.טעסט. Something in the installation is probably broken, because the pages appear blank, but the page titles can only mean one thing: MediaWiki is, or was, being used to test a Hebrew domain name.

(This post is based on information from Tomer Cohen of Mozilla Israel.)


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