Firefox and its memory problem

A Slashdot story says: “If you’re like a lot of Firefox 4 users out there, you’ve probably noticed that Firefox has a serious memory problem — it uses more than it really should.”

No, i didn’t. I am what people would call a “power user” of web browsers, and i didn’t notice any memory problems in Firefox. At least not any memory problems that caused any other problems that i would notice. I have no reason to measure the memory usage of an application if it doesn’t have any other problems. Let it use whatever it wants as long as it functions properly otherwise.

And, thank God, there are a lot of Firefox users who are much less advanced than i am, and they certainly don’t give a damn about memory usage.

So no, this claim about “a lot of Firefox users” noticing serious memory problems is just plain wrong.

(Ahem, yes, i still read Slashdot.)

One thought on “Firefox and its memory problem

  1. I’ve had lots of problems with Firefox being a terrible memory hog over the years. This problem seems to have been addressed (mostly adequately) in the new version.

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