I decided to use a little less non-Free software and uninstalled Adobe Flash. It’s needed only for videos i don’t have to watch and for ads that i don’t want to watch. This made browsing faster and more enjoyable. One day HTML5 animations will take over and become as annoying as Flash is today; until then my web browsing will be more fun.

I often criticize Apple, but i praise their firm anti-Flash stance.


2 thoughts on “Metabolism

  1. I uninstalled Flash about six months ago. I continued to use Chrome’s built-in Flash whenever it was absolutely necessary. My hour-to-hour and day-to-day computing experience was WAY better.

    But week-to-week was another story. To stream weekly American football games in Israel, I needed Flash in my browser. Of course it would only work in Firefox or Internet Explorer, so I couldn’t use Chrome’s Flash.

    I looked around for other solutions, like using one of my old computers that still had Flash, but couldn’t make it work. So every week I’d reinstall Flash for the game, then uninstall it after the game.

    But I also needed Flash for some very important websites to work correctly, like Google Analytics. They’d kind of work in Chrome, but not really. At one point I installed Flash again for some website or another, and then never uninstalled it after that.

    I do consider my experiment a partial success because I clearly demonstrated that it’s possible to go without Flash for general web use. But anyone with specific needs is likely to find that Flash is the only way currently to make sure those needs are met.

  2. :D Congrats. I am doing the same [for 4 months], but there are lots of bad web pages createds using only flash. I am using Chromium, it’ is like iceCat – a complete free software version, and for sure without flash.

    But when I need flash to run something, I use Chrome. I am surviving.

    But one day, HTML5 will be there …

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