It’s well-known that animal rights activists often protest against fur. You know, by showing nude models saying that they’ll rather go naked than wear fur, and by more mainstream means. It’s justified, but it’s strange to protest so loudly against something that is actually used by few people because of its price, and not to protest much against leather, which nearly everyone puts on their feet. Do they protest against people who make animals suffer or against bourgeois hedonism?


4 thoughts on “Protest

  1. An answer as to why they protest fur over leather: It is both easier and safer to assault an old rich lady and a meth addicted biker. That simple.

  2. Leather is by-product of the meet industry. If people will stop wearing leather, no animal will be saved, because they are still getting eaten. However, furs come from animals specially grown for that purpose, so every fur coat not being made means less dead animals.

    1. Living and working on a beef/milk farm most of my life, I am comfortable in saying- no. Some cows are for eating, some for drinking, some for wearing, some for breeding. The bovine brethren that give good milk (with high butter fat content) are worthless for meat and hide- the ones for meat worthless for milk and hide, and so on. Each of the aforementioned are specifically grown for ONE specific purpose. No cattle is a jack of all trades.

  3. I think there’s a difference in quantitites – fur coats are usually made from small animals.
    Meaning that for each fur product a lot of foxes/chinchillas/minks are giving their live, whearas you can get a lot of leather from a single cow.

    Is anyone advocating the poor crocodiles?

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