I helped an Arab student who does not know Hebrew well and who is not computer-savvy to find a book in the Mount Scopus library.

The book was in Arabic and she did not know how to search in Arabic in “Aleph“, the library’s search system. In the library computer it was possible to type in Arabic, but the letters were not printed on the keys, so i took out my laptop and opened the Arabic keyboard map. We sat together, and slowly typed the Arabic names (apparently the al- article shouldn’t be typed.). At the end we found the book.

That was yesterday. Today she brought me Baqlawa to the class.

… But they say there is a war between us.


4 thoughts on “Baqlawa

    1. Yes. What are you trying to say, that it wouldn’t have happened in Bir Zeit? It probably wouldn’t, but what does it matter?

      1. Not that it wouldn’t have happened at Bir Zeit. I meant that it’s weird because the point of the university is to be a beacon of Hebrew scholarship. How does someone matriculate at the Hebrew university without speaking Hebrew (and without being able to look up books)?

        1. She understands Hebrew, but she speaks slowly. That’s how i am with Spanish and Portuguese.

          And looking up books today is essentially a computer skill.

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