I can’t log out from Facebook

Help! The “Logout” button in my Facebook account doesn’t work. It’s not a joke.

Nothing else works, either. I can’t comment, i can’t like, i can’t block applications.

I would delete all my cookies, but i’d rather not. Any ideas?

If it helps: Windows XP, Firefox 3.6. I don’t want to try running Windows Internet Explorer, but i will if you’ll convince me that it can actually help. Thanks in advance.


2 Responses to “I can’t log out from Facebook”

  1. 1 דן 2010-02-01 at 07:06

    Change the MTU on your router, reconnect.

  2. 2 not often on fb 2013-01-01 at 03:03

    hi everybody, had the same problem with missing log out button and found via google this hint the other day:

    open https://developers.facebook.com/?ref=pf (called “facebook developers site”) and there you can find the usual log in/out button again at right upper position

    dont ask me how it works and why it works, I only followed the instructions I found myself and it was working for me

    good luck, best wishes

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