Unsubscribing From EFF

EFF is an organization for freedom and privacy on the internet. I am on EFF’s mailing list. I am too busy to follow the emails, however, and they seem too USA-centric for me anyway, so i wanted to cancel them.

But what do you know, the unsubscribe link in the bottom of the email is invalid.

On the website i only found a place to subscribe to the mailing list, not to unsubscribe. And they ask for a ZIP code! It’s a privacy organization, i remind you.

Oh, and the Privacy Policy link on the website is 404.

I don’t like filters that delete unwanted emails. I like clean unsubscribing. And of all the organizations, the EFF proves to be the hardest to unsubscribe from.


1 Response to “Unsubscribing From EFF”

  1. 1 NG 2009-09-22 at 07:51

    Mark is as spam in gmail. If enough people do, they’ll be in trouble.

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