The blogger known as Nobody asks: Are you afraid of a one-state world?

I am afraid of one-state world, especially the United Nations kind of it. I prefer zero-state world.

Hadar went to Northern Italy and told me: “They all speak German there. Why do they belong to Italy and not to Germany?”

And why doesn’t Austria belong to Germany? And why doesn’t Alsace belong to Germany? And why doesn’t Transylvania belong to Hungary? And why doesn’t Karmiel belong to Russia?

There shouldn’t be states – there should be only municipalities. Municipalities that share language or culture should organize themselves into non-exclusive cultural associations. And that’s all that’s really needed.


3 thoughts on “Zero-State

  1. Have you been following the growth of the neo-secessionist movement? Between “seasteading” (Patri Friedman) and “charter cities,” a veritable hurricane of intellectual heft has been breathed into the idea of breaking down nation-states into city-states.

    1. That is probably a good thing as long as no violence and stupidity is involved.

      Nation states are not that important.

      1. Violence and stupidity are part of the human condition; they’ll always be involved. City-states should do a better job of limiting their influence to a confined geographic area.

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